Slider ID

SLIDER is a premium brand of Lithuanian origin offering state-of-ther-art sliding door systems, wall systems and door opening systems. SLIDER systems are sublime on the outside, and ultra-efficient on the inside.

Extraordinary Design

They key traits of SLIDER design philosophy are modern forms, contemporary colors, thin lines and minimalist door frames. The efficient inner workings of the systems are carefully hidden from the eye.


SLIDER is committed to premium quality in every step. Innovative design concepts are developed in-house by SLIDER designers. All the production processes – from the selection of materials to assembling – are carefully guided by strict standards of quality control.


In our case, trust is a result of total dedication to the values of elegance and ultra-efficient functionality. Having spent years developing systems that are stunning on the outside and hard-working on the inside, we have earned clients’ trust across the EU market.

„It’s popular to talk about balancing out the needs for aesthetics and functionality, but we find such dichotomic thinking to be flawed. At Slider, we don’t compromise, but rather seek to merge and unify the principles of seamless function and awe-inspiring luxurious aesthetics. What makes architects and interior designers especially happy is that now Slider systems are applicable in all areas of home, office and commerce – it’s only a matter of where your creative genius can take you.“.