Challenge Your Limits

Next-Gen Wall Systems for limitless people

Collection LIMITLESS 2022

Only a limited imagination sees a wall as just a limit. A wall defines the space. A wall is to be worked upon. With Slider’s next-gen wall systems, the possibilities are limitless. So challenge your limits and begin the exploration.

Slider’s LIMITLESS collection includes six individual – yet interoperable – furniture systems: Rimini, Montella, Fero Air, Hero, Escape and Modena. The endless modularity that these systems bring is especially appreciated by professional interior designers. A true designer is not a mere decorator, but a creator of new forms, and that’s what the new collections are all about.

Hero - Wall System


Escape - Double Sided Wall


Rimini - Door System


Fero Air - Partition Door System


Montella - Sliding Door System


Modena - Sliding Door System



Slider’s LIMITLESS collection of next-gen wall systems is a new source of inspiration for all interior design aficionados.

Learn about the systems in our new catalogue.