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mm (500 - 5500 mm)
mm (500 - 5500 mm)

Durų skaičius / atidarymo tipas

Spintos konfigūracija
Spintos konfigūracija

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Exclusive prestige and world class design


Slider Modena – the crown jewel of the Modena line of products. This patented sliding door system holds the key to outstanding home interior. A thin connecting profile helps unleash the closet’s modern and light feel. Handle attachment adds to design’s plasticity, while also creating a real comfort of use. Slider Modena is a bit like you, outstanding and glamorous on the outside, efficient and hard-working on the inside.



We produce according to individual orders.

Exclusive design


Systems’ elegance and meticulously hidden internal mechanisms are an essential element which allows to create hassle design effect.

We supply innovative door opening solutions.

We propose not only handle selection option, but also installation method into your wardrobe which meets your needs. For milling there are necessary special tools. Therefore, some manufacturers may not admire such your need. Technically it is easier to embed handle into the connecting profile.

In profile there can be installed quiet door closing mechanism.


Due to innovative German quality closers “Slidex” Your wardrobe will become even more luxurious and more functional. More about closing mechanism of the sliding doors find here.

upper rail

Door design – slim
5 mm connecting profile

Focus of the wardrobe –
handle ESTE

Focus of the wardrobe –
handle STILO

Focus of the revolutionary design –
3D connecting profile

Create an inspiring living environment
with the solutions that catch the eye.


I know from my experience – you don’t have to be a millionaire to live in a luxury.


What value of the sliding wardrobes lies beyond the specified preliminary prices?


Price – one of the most important factors influencing decision to buy or not to buy.


Let your dreams come true with SLIDER MODENA sliding systems.

Do you think when searching for a new sliding wardrobes how much value you get for the price paid? Yes, you’re absolutely right – sliding wardrobes price and its value is not really the same.
Wardrobe priceit’s amount of money , which you lose by paying the seller.
Wardrobe value – the benefit you receive when purchasing some type of the wardrobe.
In other words, you may pay same price for your new wardrobe, but its value can often vary several times.


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Už lengvumo ir elegancijos, kurią mato aplinkiniai, slypi vidinė stiprybė – tai SLIDER slankiojančių durų sistemų koncepcija. Unikalus šiuolaikiškas dizainas, plati spalvų gama, skrupulingai paslėpta vidinė inžinerija – Jūsų galimybė susikurti rafinuotą ir išskirtinę gyvenimo aplinką.

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