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Modena mini

Profile: STILO mini
For cabinet
18 mm, 4 mm mirror

Specification of doors
• Maximum weight of doors: 25 kg
• Width of doors: min. 500 mm - max. 800 mm
• Height of doors: max. 2600 mm
• Maximum load per roller: 20 kg
• Vertikcal adjustment: 10mm


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Technical catalog (.pdf)

Patented sliding door system


SLIDER MODENA – is a unique patented sliding door system in Lithuania which could convert the cabinet into the real decoration of home. Narrow connecting profile reveals modern outlook of a cabinet, and the handle installed in a broad connector ensures flexible design and comfortable functioning. Since strong and attractive personalities selects exclusive attractive design solutions. SLIDER MODENA could be equipped with two exceptional handle forms of fine lines and made in six modern colours. The system is designed for 18 mm thickness fillers. Door dimensions could reach 2600 mm height and 800 mm width, doors could be adjusted up to 10 mm.


Colour: silver
170 mm
250 mm

Colour: silver
1400 mm

Colour: silver
136 mm

You could not disregard narrow and elegant connecting profiles


Narrow, modern connecting profile highlights the aesthetic outlook and elegance of the cabinet. Connecting profile – narrow horizontal strip shown on the photo. These strips reveal style, elegance and exclusivity of the cabinet.

Proposed innovative door opening solutions


You could select door handles and their installation solutions complying with your needs. Special tools should be used for milling. Consequently, some furniture manufacturers could show no exceptional interest in your needs. Technically it is more convenient to mount the handle to the connecting profile.

When you selected your SLIDER you could select the modern colour you want

MODENA sliding door system colour palette:


Preciously hidden inner mechanisms


Visible to others lightness and elegance of the outside, and firm and durable inside is the main concept of SLIDER sliding door system. Unique modern design, wide range of colours, preciously hidden inner mechanisms – your opportunity to create the most refined and exclusive living environment.

Allow your buyers to dream

As a far-sighted wardrobe manufacturer, you always analyse the market in search for the sliding
door systems of the highest quality standards. You need a partner who could offer something unique, yet meet
your customers' needs in every category of different price.
SLIDER sliding door systems give you this opportunity.

Where to purchase profiles and furniture fittings?

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