The accommodations are becoming spacious a
nd multi-functional. However, sometimes
there comes an unquenchable wish to separate
the space of accommodations, which is why we have
created “FERO AIR”.

Quotation: I think, that the real luxury is in the capability to express new world by using the interior.

‘They functionally separate
the premises, but, upon necessity,
provide a possibility to be happy
with an open space’

It looks like the sliding doors are levitating in the air… It is a system, which is suspended on upper mechanisms. It does not have lower guiding parts, which means that unnecessary things will not burden your floor.

The biggest advantage of sliding partition wall is a flexible space arrangement solution in the house. The sliding partition walls allows separating any zones and afterwards connecting them into one. “FERO AIR” is an excellent source of inspiration for those, who are thinking about changing the layout of their accommodations.


The suspended door systems are well known and vastly used in the entire world. Having regard to the functionality and demand of these solutions,
the company “SLIDER” created “FERO AIR”. It is a new system, which is becoming more and more popular.

“FERO AIR” is a combination of high
quality materials and thoroughly considered elements of Italian design and modern technologies, which allows combining various
materials and creating original look by using adhesive 3D décor.


The sliding, suspended “FERO AIR”
door system has various purposes:

it can be mounted in the bedroom, guestroom, and foyer or be used as an internal door. Various door-filling materials, such as 10 mm panel, 4 mm glass, mirror or a combination of these materials, are offered. You can choose these stylish aluminum frame colors: matte silver, white or glossy champagne. This system allows making doors even up to 3.5 m in height and 1.7 m in width!

“FERO AIR” partition walls look exceptionally
impressive in various interiors and as per different purposes

pertvaros ofiso


Allow yourself pleasure
to decorate your bureau with
“FERO AIR” systems.

pertvaros gyvenamoje erdveje

Home space

Your closet doors
will not only surprise you,
but your guests as well.



 A partial allocation
of flat’s space by using
partition walls

pertvaros namuose


A practical use of sliding
partition wall in order to
separate the kitchen

3 gyvenamoji erdve

Guestroom and kitchen

Separating the guestroom and kitchen

Style, quality and innovations.

These are the three pillars of “FERO AIR” system.