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of the interior systems for reasonable price.

Products, catching the eye

Price – one of the most important factors influencing decision to buy or not to buy.

Let your dreams come true with SLIDER MODENA sliding systems.

Price – one of the most important factors influencing decision to buy or not to buy. Let your dreams come true with SLIDER MODENA sliding systems.
Do you think when searching for a new sliding wardrobes how much value you get for the price paid? Yes, you’re absolutely right – sliding wardrobes price and its value is not really the same.
• Wardrobe price – it’s amount of money , which you lose by paying the seller.
• Wardrobe value – – the benefit you receive when purchasing some type of the wardrobe.
In other words, you may pay same price for your new wardrobe, but its value can often vary several times.

What to do?

Working with SLIDER sliding door systems and having won recognition in Lithuania and abroad, we can assure you, that it is possible to acquire a high quality wardrobe with unique contemporary design for optimal price. Let your dreams come true: create a unique wardrobe with a value much higher than the price.


Value of your purchased wardrobes with sliding doors systems before the purchase may properly assess only specialist in this field. You will feel the real value of the acquired furniture just after you start to use the new wardrobe.


Please note that your future wardrobe, like every other piece of furniture is collected from the individual elements. Quality of the wardrobe, similarly to your personal success and strength, consists of a small and thoughtful interior details. Key cabinet elements:
• furniture panels;
• Fittings;
• Sliding systems;
• Decorations.
Each of the listed elements of the wardrobe is manufactured and supplied by number of different manufacturers. As in any field, including production of wardrobes, you have opportunity to select low-cost, questionable quality materials. However, there is a “middle of the two”, which allows to use high quality components for an optimal price.

SLIDER knows that you care about not the lowest price, but inspiring solutions for optimal price 

Partners to SLIDER wardrobe manufacturing.

Partners to SLIDER production become only those companies, which quality of work is undoubtedly high and working methods verified. In this way we perfectly know and can control which materials use our recommended manufacturers. Therefore, for your wardrobes with sliding systems made by our recommended manufacturers of furniture, we boldly give even 5-years warranty. According to the above calculations you can buy unique design wardrobe with sliding doors for optimum price. A list of the SLIDER recommended wardrobe manufacturers is available by clicking on the link below.

Wardrobe manufacturers

What value of the sliding wardrobes lies beyond the specified preliminary prices?

Laminated chipboard.
Laminated chipboard: wardrobe prices are calculated with for “Kronopol”, “Kronospan”, “Pfleiderer”, “Bolderaja” chipboards. Boards of these manufacturers feature economical price and high quality. More about quality of LC see here.
If you choose medium density fiberboard, they provide for the wardrobe impression of luxury and elegance, but have to pay more for them. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is much more expensive than chipboard (LC).


Sliding door profiles – a high quality, durable, aluminium metal SLIDER profiles.
Attention is drawn to the fact that you can choose between the new SLIDER MODENA profiles or conventional profiles. MODENA profiles are very thin, has exceptional lightness and elegance concept, paved meticulously hidden inner mechanics.

SLIDER MODENA fine line profiles

Sandard profiles

Let your dreams come true, even in search of the optimal price. Economical solution – choice of silver MODENA profiles. Silver glossy, glossy champagne, white, black SLIDER MODENA profiles are a great help in creating a unique design for a little bit higher than the usual price.
Wardrobe fittings – high quality and durable SLIDER fittings.
Drawers and rails – top quality “Blum Tandem”
Door Design – 10 mm connecting profile.
All prices including VAT, excluding delivery and installation works.

Sliding door design: possible options?

SLIDER offers you unparalleled modern design concepts. To inspire your home interior and design solutions do not slip through the eye.
One of the largest advantages of wardrobes with sliding doors – huge variety of door designs. Let your dreams come true, even if you are looking for an economical solution. SLIDER can offer for your wardrobe a simple sliding door without any inclusions and decorations at very attractive prices.
For an additional fee, you can choose inserts, decorations and other exclusive accessories for your wardrobes fulfilling your dreams and needs.

Sliding doors without inclusions.

Wardrobe with a minimal one connecting profile.

Sliding doors – exceptional design concepts. .

4 useful hints:

How not miss when selecting a new wardrobe with the sliding doors?

1. Never ask how much will it cost you 1 meter of the wardrobe. Instead, check out how much value you get for the price you pay.
2. Never compare prices of wardrobes in standing store with price of wardrobe proposed by furniture manufacturers.
3. Never search for the furniture manufacturer who will make the wardrobe „in the shortest possible time.“ Good furniture manufacturers never lack of work – even in times of crisis. Remember, that quality has always has its own value.
4. Remember, that usually offered significant discounts will apply on account of your future value of the wardrobe. It is not possible to apply discounts for high quality and functional materials.